the one with the lines

2 03 2008

specifically, the one with the two lines.
and this story happened a week ago.

saturday morning, before going to the second ski trip, i peed on a costly stick that would let you know if you could make the two lines appear or not. and i did it. and after a few moment, i called out to trick from the bathroom, “positive!, there were two lines ( well, in tagalog ).” we were so happy and every step that i make was very careful and i told myself that when we reached the ski resort, i won’t ski.
but at the end of the day, and we have returned from the trip. i peed again because i want to be sure, and again, it’s positive. we were so happy. i could not explain the happiness i felt. but i don’t want to assume and i just shared it to the family and some friends at work and told them that i have not visited the doctor yet so it could still be false positive.

yesterday, trick searched the net for a lady doctor who could speak english. beautifully, tokyo is now used to gaijins like us, you could call a number who could search for the hospital near you with your given specs. after twenty minutes, you could know the hospitals you could go to. luckily, there’s one clinic about 15 minutes from our house by walking, who has a lady doctor and speaks english!
and so we went, she did her thing (and btw, her english was so good for a japanese) and i saw from the monitor, that there it was! there was a little seed in me. and the baby’s perfectly placed in the proper place. she said that the baby is 4 weeks old and determining the due date can be done on my next visit when he/she’s 8 weeks old. husband and i are both very very happy. and with God’s continuous blessings and guidance, we both know we’ll be parents soon 🙂


snow and ski

2 03 2008

after a long time of not being able to write anything, i would like to share some pics taken during my first and second time to go to ski resort. the
first one was at karuizawa with friends from canon. 🙂
here at first, i was really struggling. i slipped and i even have to remove the ski because i could not stand up. well i don’t know yet how to stand. the japanese friend taught me the proper way to fall ( which by the way i did not follow ), but did not teach how to stand. but i tried and tried ( trick was patiently standing with me ) and after an hour, i was not falling down anymore 😀 i was able to ski maybe along the 5 degree slope hehehe…
but trick was more courageous and tried the one with the lift ( i thought this was already an advanced beginner slope until i saw the slopes at niigata brrrr… ). and he did it! well, other than the few slips he did really fine 😉

the second one was at niigata. this one is a free trip courtesy of trick’s company. so despite the fact that i told myself that i would not return to ski again ( i said this during the early part of the trip above ), we still said a go! it’s free! well atleast this one was via shinkansen so the trip was just really fast(1.5 hours) and more convenient that the first time – the karuizawa trip was like 5.5 hours in the bus. my only complaint was, i did not see the same beginner’s course — like the one in karuizawa. well, maybe for niigata, the beginner’s course implied that you are living in niigata and snow is just part of everyday life. the slopes were intimidatingly inclined sleek long slopes and the next thing to it was ravine 😀
anyway, i enjoyed the ski lift going down, for i have never seen such a view! really breath taking. i did not breath until i reached the end. the snow was just so strong and my face and hands were really frozen by the time i was at the end. in this trip, the only ski that i did was when i get off the upward lift and skied to the side. i did not push myself because of the reason i learned that morning. i’ll be sharing it in my next blog 😉

all about links

21 02 2008

5 days ago, Charm of Charmed Life tagged me to list my top 5 favorite links.

Here’s my own list:
1. Google Sites ( Gmail, Blogger, Google ) – i love google. so simple, so fast.
2. Wikipedia – why not? it’s free encyclopedia!
3. Mininova – of course, for our social life we need updated tv series 😀
4. Youtube – where you can watch everything about anything!
5. Yahoo! – well, i have my yahoo email account to check which only contains subscriptions to mail magazines.

Now, it’s your turn. What are your top 5 links?
It would be awesome if you’ll share too =)

halo halo

8 02 2008

it’s been weeks since i have posted anything here. well, i want to make a yak yak about a lot of things, but as always, laziness kicks in.
here are some pics taken from our living room during one of the snow visits in tokyo (2008 jan)

and now, i’m getting hooked with wii fit. nope, i’m not yet sexy(which i defintely doubt if i will be) but i am happily playing all the balance games and the dance dance game ( i don’t know the title – i can’t rememer because it’s in japanese ) hehehe….
here’s a clip of the wii fit games:

yehey! the other day i received the result of the jlpt exam ( don’t get so excited, it’s just level 4 – lowest level ) but woohoo, i passed. and i think with my score, i did really good! =)

let it snow!

23 01 2008

it’s the 1st snow of this winter in tokyo.
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

i definitely hate winter but i love snow, well as long as the snow is still “fresh” (not the ones slowly melting on the road that would let you slip over and over like you are some cartoon character).

since i’m from the tropical island known as the philippines, snow is not being offered by any of the seasons(we only have 2 – summer and rainy) in my home country.
i experienced my 1st snow in japan, when i was a trainee for epson (in matsumoto lab). i did really love walking home while it’s snowing and eating ice cream bought from the convenience store along the road (belletot ganda, do you still remember this?) 😀 it’s like everything is so serene and everything is so clean! now i’m dreaming of murai and remembering belle (my very warm friend)…. hope you’re doing well and you have nailed that thing *wink* – the reason why you were in manila last christmas time =)

anyway, i think the most of today will be showered with snow so i’ll enjoy this (from my window in the office) until supply lasts. hope i could take a pic later. until then. now back to work.

maligayang kaarawan

18 01 2008

“happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday… happy birthday nanay.” (sa tono po ng happy birthday 😀 )

nanay, happy happy birthday po!

** today is the 68th birthday of my mother.
thank you Lord for continuously giving her a good health and a smile like that from time to time (mahirap pangitiin ang nanay ko , as in! hehe).

this was taken early january 2008, during our christmas vacation in pinas.


17 01 2008

it’s my first time ever to receive a blog award :”>
thanks to ate grace (of sandierpastures) for giving me this award *blush* hihihi (arte! =D )…
thank you too for being such a good friend. though we only get to chat in ym from time to time but i could still feel your giggles and wiggles same as we’re talking live =D

i am passing this award to my blog buddies Rose, Charm, Setsu , Gezelle , Romsil =)
and i would also like to give this to all my friends who are not blogging and you all know who you are. thank you so much for the gift of friendship!